Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Small Block Tues-- er, Wednesday...

Yeah, I missed it. Oh well. This time it's the saviour and holy grail of British hot rodders everywhere - in England, at least - The Rover V8.

It's actually from GM, known in a previous life as the Buick 215. Rover bought the rights off them in 1963 and used it for 35 years, as did MG, TVR, Westfield, Land Rover, Triumph, UK companies making AC Cobra replicas and custom cars, just everyone. It was also the lightest road car V8 ever at 144kg (318lb). Only "Hayabusa V8s" and custom track car units have been lighter since.

(Specs taken from Austin Rover Online, as the engine came in many forms)

Other Cars Of Note: Morgan Plus 8, any TVR V8, Triumph TR8, Westfield S-Eight, Brabham Formula 1 cars (1966-7, modified but with the same block)
TVR-developed 5.0 unit in a TVR Griffith 500

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