Sunday, 6 March 2011

Supercar Sunday!

Missed another one! Never mind, it's still alliteration. So is Lexus LFA. Sort of.

V10 tuned by Yamaha. They make musical instruments, you know. And bikes.
This particular beast is the first limited-run-within-a-limited-run Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package. Similar to the "normal" LFA, except with carbon fibre skirting, winglets at the front, to match the winglets over the tail lights, new wheels and a large fixed rear wing. All in carbon fibre to save weight, of course (around 100kg). On top of all that, it also gets an extra 10 horsepower to counteract the extra drag of those aero upgrades, re-worked suspension, expensively sticky tyres and faster gear changes from that flappy-paddled box, with cogs shifting in just 0.15 seconds - down from an evidently pedestrian 0.2 seconds.

Personally I prefer it without that big spoiler, but the pop-up one's clearly too heavy for a track car
Of the 500 V10-powered Lexus LFAs being produced, only 10% of them will be of 562bhp Nürburgring Package specification, meaning that even the new king in golf club hierarchy can be one-upped with a fancier version of his most fancy of Lexii. I'd love to be there when they race each other though, because the LFA may well be the best-sounding car currently in production. I could drive this car for a solid week and not get tired of hearing that Yamaha-tuned 4.8 litre V10 revving up to 9000rpm. Don't agree with me? Here's a lesson in what I call "Cylinder Symphony":

Basic Specifications:

Layout: Front-engined, Rear-Wheel-Drive

0-60: 3.6 seconds (3.7 without using Launch Control)

Top Speed: 203mph (325km/h)

Engine: 4.8 litre "1LR-GUE" V10

Power/Torque/CO2: 570PS (562bhp) / 354lb/ft (480NM) / 270g/km

Weight: 1380kg (approx.)

Price: £398,000

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