Monday, 15 August 2011

SPOTTED: The New BMW 3-Series

Y'know, it's not really wise to have a photoshoot of a new model in a place where car spies can get to you, especially not when you're still heavily camouflaging the prototypes. That would make the camo somewhat pointless. Still, it does at least mean that we know what the new BMW 3-Series looks like: a smaller 5-Series.

Still, BMW must know themselves that all they need to do with the new 3er's body is to just make it look like a BMW, and because they've made it look like the 5, which looks like a 7, they have succeeded in that. It will always sell by the boatload because it's a BMW 3-Series, and nowadays they even make sure to make stupid and pointless cars like the X3 and X6 seem like a good idea by making them so well. Thus, a modern BMW that actually has a purpose is bound to be a huge success. Again.

In related news, the next M3 will have a Twin-Turbo 3.0 Straight-Six engine, to replace the naturally aspirated 4.0 V8 with something more powerful and less thirsty, according to British car magazine Autocar. An I6 makes more sense in an M3 than a V8, so this is a good thing, as long as it gets something right that its M5 cousin didn't and retains a manual gearbox option. Want fun driving for years? Change your own gears.

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  1. Does that mean that as the owner of an old BMW 3 Series I'm out of date, or am I cool in a retro way?

  2. If it's the current/outgoing one, then you may feel out of date for a couple of years, but retro coolness will arrive not long after that!