Sunday, 11 September 2011

Video Sunday - Now That's Dedication

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Normally when you can't slow down enough for a tight corner on a race track (most commonly street circuits), there's a handy escape road for you to slither into. When Jeroen Bleekermolen got it wrong during qualifying for the ALMS Baltimore Grand Prix, he tried to go through a gap that wasn't quite big enough for his Porsche 911 GT3-R, and the left front wheel came off. Having traversed the maze of tyre walls to slow you down, he remembered a rule stating that if he didn't qualify on the same tyres he started the race with, he would be demoted to the back of the grid. What's a bear to do?

Either you can call it quits and take the hit, or you can run away to save the day as it turns out. He jumped out of the car, picked up the wheel, rolled it towards his 911, put it in the passenger door and crawled to the pits in tripod mode. The team then reattached it and he went on to secure Pole Position and win the race the next day! This is what you get for keeping your head and thinking creatively, whereas most drivers would just flap their arms around and moan to the interviewer afterwards. Credit to Mr. Bleekermolen.

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