Monday, 17 October 2011

Video Weekday - Gymkhana Faux

Uploaded: 12/10/11
Running Time: 3:42
Views (When Posted): 277,427

Hopefully by know you have seen the works of Mr. Ken Block (who has the same birthday as me, ignoring the year), a man who is now well-known for three things: Crashing out of the WRC, Gymkhana and DC Shoes, probably in that order for most rally fans. Thankfully, some British youths have acquired their own Monster Energy-branded Ford Fiesta and engaged in a good old-fashioned piss-take, entitled "Gymkhana 0.2: No Budget? No Problem!" Featuring just 10% of the power of Ken Block's purpose-built Fiesta Gymkhana, this 1986 Ford Fiesta (the Ghia version, no less) proves to be 90% as entertaining, and the video itself is hilarious! Watch out for the coughing exhaust pipe at 2:15.

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