Saturday, 17 December 2011

Video Saturday - Close Shave, Comrade

Uploaded: 14/12/11
Running Time: 1:03
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Over the Christmas holidays, you might find that with hearty servings of turkey and pigs in blankets and chocolate, your digestion takes a hit. If you do end up having a little bit of trouble emptying your pooh chute, don't bother with buying laxatives, just take a laptop or smartphone into the little petrolhead's room with you and watch this video on full screen. That should work nicely.

Somewhere in Russia, people were having trouble coping with the slippery surface on this bridge, and the lorry ahead of the driver has to throw out the anchors all of a sudden. Finding that he can't slow down quick enough to avoid said lorry, the driver pulls alongside and immediately empties his bowels. You'll see why when you hit play...

If that doesn't work, there's always this bit of quick thinking from a Lebanese rally driver who suddenly discovered that someone had carelessly parked at the bottom of a jump.

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