Sunday, 18 December 2011

Video Sunday - The Sprinting Horse

Uploaded: 13/12/11
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There are two things every self-respecting supercar owner (of which there are depressingly few) must do with their magnificent new acquisition. The first one is show off in it - preferably in front of a camera for YouTube's pleasure - and the other is to see how fast it can go. Thankfully, one gentleman in Germany has combined both, as he takes to the autobahn and embarks on a quest to achieve 200mph in his new Ferrari 458 Italia on an un-restricted stretch. Enjoy!

The GPS-given speed (to make it official in some way) is measured in kilometres per hour, so for those of you who, like me, measure in miles per hour, the magic number to look for is 320km/h. In case you know mph and not km/h, here are a few conversions to remember, rounded to the nearest whole number:

100km/h = 62mph
160km/h = 100mph
200km/h = 124mph
300km/h = 186mph
320km/h = 200mph
350km/h = 217mph
400km/h = 248mph
402km/h = 250mph
450km/h = 280mph
483km/h = 300mph
500km/h = 311mph

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