Monday, 26 December 2011

Video Weekday - Happy Boxer Day

Uploaded: 20/7/11
Running Time: 3:43
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According to my homepage, this is my 100th post on Small Blog V8. That's a lot. It's been 10 months, and I think I've roughly got the hang of it! Anyway, here is a video of one of my early inspirations, the late Colin McRae. Here he's doing his thing not in the signature 555 Impreza WRX, but in a Subaru Legacy RS, way back in 1993, when I was but a toddler. The video appears to cover an entire rally stage (although there is sudden rain at the end, so maybe not), which he of course scales in no time at all. Despite being the rallying predecessor to the now-famous Impreza, the early Legacy still features that signature 'boxer burble', so just enjoy a legendary driver before he was famous. Boxing Day? Pah. This is Boxer Day!

I would write a reflective post, having reached my 100th, but I kind of already did that. I'll just add that "" is the latest peculiar spam site that is giving me hits, and the Mini story seems to be proving quite popular, so thank you for reading that, and the virtual road test, which features a car with a boxer engine, as it happens. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and feel free to read through some of the other 99 posts!

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