Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Spied Wearing A Snow Jacket

As a follow-up to the renderings (and my subsequent slap-dash modifications) of the C7-generation Corvette, here are spy shots of the first C7-bodied prototypes getting their chill on in Northern Europe for cold-weather endurance testing. Temperatures there are estimated to be at around -20°C, so will this ensure the next Corvette will be a cool car? Someone should probably tell them it doesn't quite work that way...

Looking pretty similar to a C6 in its overall shape, it's the details that will set this car apart from the old car. Despite not being able to see the details, Jalopnik are claiming to be 100% right about everything, as showcased in this infantile brag-fest of a post. What do you want, a fucking medal? It looks Corvette-shaped. Well done. Get over yourself and let people make their own minds up, for crying out loud...

Anyway, here are a couple more shots if you don't want to use up more of your work day clicking links:

The bonnet is longer than the old car, suggesting anything from a bigger engine to more legroom or simply improved aerodynamics.
Four horns make a great-sounding quartet.
 They pretty much sum up what you can see. No more details have come out since my last post, so I can still only tell you that will have some kind of V8 and probably a 7-speed manual like a Porsche 911 (991).

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