Wednesday, 25 January 2012

SAAB's Entire History Is Secure. I'm Glaad

2011 SAAB Phoenix Concept
This is just a quick post to say that, after getting all sad that the SAAB museum was for sale, the City of Trollhättan , SAAB AB and The Wallenburg Foundation have all pitched in to save the collection of 123 cars and keep them all in one place, in the museum in SAAB's town of birth, which clearly cares enough about its history to preserve it. Woo!

To celebrate, here's some stunt driving. It's grainy, but there are some pretty good tricks, plus it's a Spa-Francorchamps. What more can you ask for?! Oh yeah, SAAB not dying in the first place. Er, apart from that, what more could you ask for?! Enjoy!

Uploaded: 27/5/07
Running Time: 1:58
Views When Posted: 2023

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