Saturday, 14 January 2012

Video Saturday - Gojira-San

Uploaded: 8/12/11
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After giving you a few quotes from the man who co-created Godzilla (by which I mean the Nissan GT-R since 1989), and then rambling a bit afterwards, here is a video where Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe interviews him from behind the wheel of the new 2012 DBA-R35 GT-R. One point of interest is where he mentions that, while most car companies publish the highest power figure they got for a new model, Nissan quote the lowest for the GT-R, so even with the different variables between each engine build, a GT-R buyer is guaranteed to get at least the 542 horsepower quoted by Nissan that they're expecting. This perhaps confirms the suspicions of many that when the original CBA-R35 came out in 2007/8 and set amazing Nürburgring lap times, it was perhaps channelling more than the 473bhp through the four 20" wheels that Nissan was saying it was. Not my much, of course, but it must be nice for a GT-R owner to know they're getting what they're paying for. The 70bhp difference between 2007 and 2012 is also a lesson in not buying a car as soon as it comes out...

Anyway, enjoy this little interview. If you have trouble understanding Japanese accents (which, by the way, makes you racist :-P), then Mizuno-san has been subtitled. There's a nice little joke about it at the end.

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