Sunday, 29 January 2012

Video Sunday - Je Suis En Retard

Uploaded: 25/1/12
Running Time: 1:56
Views When Found (26/1): 390,775
Views When Posted Today: 5,401,438

[Don't worry, "Je suis en retard" means "I am late". I'm not questioning anyone's mental strength]

As you must surely own an Internet (otherwise how are you reading this?), you have probably become aware of the phrase "trolling", which refers to someone winding people up on internet forums/comment sections or posting something designed to get an indignant response, perhaps from someone whose mental strength is roughly on par with YouTube commenters (seriously, don't read them below the Top Rated ones). Well, RĂ©mi Galliard is what you might consider a "Troll IRL", as he likes to annoy the French police in many imaginative and ridiculous ways, as well as moody security guards and golfers from time to time. Here, he's making sure that even the people who are running late, be they travelling by road, rail or air, is sticking to the speed limit. A noble undertaking if you ask me. Unfortunately, the Gendarms aren't quite on the same wavelength when they find him at the end. Well, wouldn't you be annoyed if you were caught speeding in a police van?

If you try this at home, please film it.

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