Monday, 27 February 2012

Repost: Justice Has Been Served

I know Audi quattro rally cars used to go sideways, but that's taking the piss
I could re-write this, but there's no real need. Just enjoy an arsehole getting what they deserve for parking like a douche. Also, there's a SAAB in the background - that'll become important later......

Usually, when an insensitive driver double-parks on the road blocking the way to other vehicles, all it takes is a call to the police to get things sorted out. But there comes a time when frustrated drivers take matters into their own hands…

...Which is what happened in Exarcheia, a neighborhood in downtown Athens, Greece, when the owner of what looks like a fairly new Audi A3 Sportback parked in front of a couple of large metal bins partially blocking the road.
While most passenger cars were able to make it through, a city bus that was making its routine trek around town couldn't fit. The bus driver along with the other drivers that were piling up behind kept honking again and again but to no avail; the owner of the Audi was nowhere to be seen.

So they decided to teach the A3 owner a very expensive lesson he or she will never forget; they turned the car on its side. Problem solved...
Photo credits: Star

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