Saturday, 25 February 2012

Video Saturday - Niko Bellic Eat Your Heart Out

Uploaded: 6/9/10
Running Time: 6:38
Views When Posted: 9,242,062

If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto, this scene of a man on a bike weaving through traffic at preposterous speeds will seem familiar to you. The only difference is, this guy is not Niko Bellic, he's a real live human bean. He is also very brave and ever so slightly stupid, because if you've ever played GTA then you know how this idea usually ends - catching on the corner of a car and flying 50 feet to your death, or jumping up and hitting the bottom of a bridge or tunnel, before flying 50 feet to your death. At one bit in the video, for instance, it would just take one smart-arse to open the door and Black Stig's Russian Cousin be hospitalised. As such, I urge you to think of the idea of blasting through traffic at 100+ on a superbike like this: This guy did it, so you don't have to.

Enjoy the video, and always hoon responsibly.

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