Saturday, 4 February 2012

Video Saturday - F That

Uploaded: 29/1/12
Running Time: 3:58
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To continue what appears to be an F1 theme on SBV8 this month, here is a video of someone getting a ride in a two-seat Formula 1 car (with a V10 engine, no less) around the eastern half of the Yas Marina Circuit she won't forget... well, actually she might not remember all of it, as the apparently ineffective seatbelts and lack of HANS device turned this poor woman into more of a bobble-head G-Meter than a lucky passenger. This is a visual demonstration of what a Formula One or GP2/3 driver has to put up with for at least 90 minutes, giving you one more reason to appreciate how fit a racing driver has to be, and explaining why most of them have necks like tree trunks after a while. There are two ways to watch this video; you can either laugh at someone being beaten up by a car (high-speed braking is particularly entertaining), or you can be all shocked at the somewhat lazy attitude to safety involved. I won't judge you either way, but if you must know, I did the former.

If you want to some more appreciating of how uncomfortable the best job in the world really is, here's an X-Ray of the Toyota TF109 that shows you what shape you have to fold yourself into before you can do the above:

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