Sunday, 19 February 2012

Video Sunday - Nouse of Senna eXtracted

Uploaded: 13/2/12
Running Time: 8:51
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Nouse of Senna eXtracted is not what those magical three letters adorning Honda's supercar actually stand for - that would be New Sports eXperimental - but both versions are accurate, as the legendary F1 champion and now posthumous star of a double-BAFTA-winning film helped make this car what it is to drive, although you probably don't need me to tell you that. Anything you might want to know about how the Honda NSX is to be in is covered in this beautifully-shot film by "Hungarian Wolverine", who drives a lightly tweaked early example with Work wheels, a titanium exhaust and a racing 'wheel (not to mention pop-up headlights, which look much better than the 2001-5 "Snake Eyes") around Budapest and then at a track in Slovakia. I'm not sure whether this is his NSX or not, but if it is, then he's a lucky guy, and one I envy as much as I think he's awesome.

Y'know, sometimes I get asked "what is your favourite car?", a question I always find very hard to answer. I never have one favourite car. One or some will become top of my list for a while and then get replaced by something else, but there are recurring crushes, and at the moment I would give anything and everything to so much as drive or even just sit in one of these, let alone own one for myself. The last couple of weeks have probably been the fifth or tenth time I've felt a wave of yearning for this car. One day......

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