Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Video ***day - Chris Harris on the 981 Boxster S

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I'm posting this now and not on the weekend for two very good reasons. One, the Geneva Motor Show update is taking ages because I have two university interviews this weekend and it'll have to wait (it's going to be long due to the sheer number of noteworthy cars there... I think it'll need a Wikipedia-esque Contents box thing), and regular readers - if there are any - might need something to keep them ticking over. Two, because I'll be having these interviews, my weekend will be spent a) driving great distances, b) stunning interviewers with my kind-of-OK portfolio, or c) recovering at home watching the Australian Grand Prix on BBC1, so I won't think to post a video.

The reason I'm posting this video at all is because I really like the new Drive Channel's videos by evo writer Chris Harris. Much unlike the fame-corrupted show and globalised franchise that is now TopGear, his videos are as long as they have to be, not edited down to fit in a TV schedule. Better than that, they're nothing but a petrol-blooded car enthusiast telling you what he thinks about the car he's in, with enough background knowledge to make you trust his every opinion and an ability to communicate his thoughts and feelings in much the same way that the steering apparently tells you what's going on in the 987 Boxster that the above car replaces. You're never left in the dark by Chris Harris - there's no way he could lie to you about the car he's in, because his thoughts are as visible as they are audible most of the time.

I would say that he should present TopGear, but then he'd have to do what they do, and I don't think he's enough of a clown to pull that off sometimes. At any rate, I love the new Porsche Boxster, so I'm glad that he does too. Y'know, seeing as he's actually driven it and all.

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