Friday, 23 March 2012

Video Friday - Ferrari SP12 Leaving The Morning After

Uploaded: 22/3/12
Running Time: 1:46
Views When Posted: 7,589

So yesterday I reported on the special one-off homage to the Ferrari 512BB that Ferrari's Special Projects division made for Eric Clapton (scroll down to read about it and see more pictures). According to the video title - which was uploaded by popular British supercar YouTuber Shmee150 but not filmed by him, he says - the SP12 is worth £3million. Where that number came from, I don't know, but still, when every inch of the car has been personalised and finished to the very highest quality just for you, you can expect Ferrari to start charging that kind of money for it. At any rate, that idle definitely sounds like a normal 458 Italia, if you can call 125bhp-per-litre and a 9000rpm redline normal, and you basically get to have a look all the way round it.

The description says of the cinematography: "This footage was shot for Shmee150, fairly discretely hence the wobbles and lack of focus while the car was outside. I must apologise for the imperfect quality but felt the unique footage of this one-of-one car was worth posting." Worth it indeed.

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