Monday, 5 March 2012

Video Monday - And Now I Shall Stop The Startwatch

Uploaded: 8/7/08
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After showing you a man driven insane when experiencing the heat of competition, here are a couple of videos of people who go a bit mad just when watching the heat of competition. The first one is the voice of Formula 1, Murray Walker OBE, revealing that he would love to apply his talents and... unique style to a very different sport. I shall say no more than that in fear of spoiling the video...

If you were expecting motorsport, here's proof that the only people who can hold a candle to the great Murray Walker are the ballistic Japanese commentators in the video below:

Uploaded: 18/8/11
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  1. Murray Walker is god. Those Japanese commentators ae hilarious though, especially the instant change between normal, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD ITS A CRASH, and back again in the 1st clip.