Sunday, 11 March 2012

Video Sunday - Oak + Morgan = Wood

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Fair Warning: This video is epically loud when the engine noises kick in.

Morgan. The age-old British sports car company is still at it, having survived through the times that put all its rivals out of business by making the same good old-fashioned classical British sports car... except they aren't that "Classical" anymore. The Aero Supersports on a aluminium frame and was powered by a 4.4 BMW V8. The new version of the Plus 8 Roadster really is new, sitting on a revise version of the same non-wood frame. There's even - shock horror - an electric version! To celebrate their new found love of present-day technology, they're taking on the Le Mans 24 Hours. Unfortunately their epic little 3-Wheeler isn't eligible in the GTE class, so they're entering the LMP2 class to fight Lotus with... someone else's car.

The video above doesn't really explain much, but to commemorate the death of the wood chassis they're joining up with OAK Racing (at least I assume the irony is not lost on them), who did very well last year and are contesting the 24 in 2012 with a Judd V8-powered Pescarolo chassis. Morgan are actually doing this for two reasons: Their cars are very popular in France, and this is the premier motor race in France (and arguably the world), so there's a good marketing opportunity, but also, the JUDD V8 has the same BMW block as their road cars, so there's the chance for some technology-sharing that presumably could benefit both companies... and the ears of bystanders.

Enjoy! Unless you've already watched it... in which case I hope you enjoyed it!

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