Thursday, 17 May 2012



The New Dacia Dokker is about to go on sale in... Morocco!

But wait... THERE'S MORE!!
The Kangoo-based Dokker will also be available as a van!

MMMM, nice!!

So anyway, Toyota's in-house racing team Gazoo Racing has fitted a turbo AND a supercharger to the GT 86 to make a concept car which LITERALLY... has a silly name. Nevertheless, the Toyota GRMN Sports FR Concept features 320bhp and some go-faster bodywork. It will also remain as a concept. People have been trying to guess since the BRZ/86 came out which forced induction device will eventually appear (even though neither company has actually said that will happen), so Gazoo Racing have decided to spite them by putting both types on for a 60% power increase. Kinda cool. Also, at least three articles are on their way... at the same time. Sort of.

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