Saturday, 5 May 2012

Video Saturday - For That Price You Could Have A BRZ

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Yes, the Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ has had almost as much hype up to this point as the Nissan GT-R (R35) did in 2007, and has been the subject of much discussion on the internet and in magazines. I think I may have posted about the Toyota more times than any other single car on here, only because of what it promises. Alas, in America, where you're only allowed to like American things, the common phrase that's popped up is "no thanks, for that price, you could have a V6 Mustang". Well, in the US, you can. But I don't care.

Up to the point where the "Pony Car" was mentioned, I had never even vaguely considered comparing a lithe, agile lightweight sports car against a big beefy slab like the Mustang, or even the 370Z-bothering Hyundai Genesis CoupĂ© (don't snort, it's actually very good from what I hear), because they're an entirely different kettle of fish. Nevertheless, Motor Trend has caught wind of this quote and put it to the test, by bringing together a BRZ and a V6 Mustang on both road and track. The light and precise Scoobyota will always be my preference to the comparatively flabby and wallowy Mustang (with its "spongey" brakes according to the video), especially as if you're going to buy a Mustang, you want a V8 one, because that's the whole point of it. Why make do with a lacklustre 'Stang when you could instead enjoy this purpose-built sports car for what we now know to be only £25,000 (also $25k in ths US)? Anyway, enjoy the video.

If you want to see the BRZ against more appropriate rivals, see this comparison by Autocar.

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