Sunday, 13 May 2012

Williams Garage On Fire After Spanish Grand Prix (No Race Spoilers In Article)

Bruno Senna's Williams-Renault FW34, possibly a write-off.
 NOTE - the race winner is mentioned in the linked articles and the video. Don't click if you haven't seen it yet!

After the eventful Spanish Grand Prix, the Williams F1 garage caught fire after a KERS explosion caused what's suspected to be a fuel fire. Members of numerous teams rushed in to help as the blaze caused acrid black smoke to billow out of the Williams garage at both ends, helping to control the fire before emergency services arrived. Bruno Senna's car - the only one in the garage at that time for reasons I'll describe in the race report at some point later - was caught in the fire and suspected to be destroyed.

There were nine injuries in total, none serious. Sir Frank Williams - celebrating his 70th birthday - was with others in the team motorhome across the way, quelling any rumours that it was caused by 70 birthday candles being lit at once. However, one engineer at Force India F1 has been taken to the medical centre for smoke inhalation (but is said by the team to be OK). Caterham F1 say that "A couple of our guys got injuries, burns and maybe one broken wrist", and apparently one Williams team member also has minor injuries. According to this article, nobody in the upstairs hospitality area was injured due to the concrete construction of the garage.

You can get live updates on a custom Twitter feed thingamy here.

Here's a video from the BBC F1 Forum... until it's taken down for copyright reasons:

13/5/12, 6:32, 305 views (when posted)

As the extent of the injuries don't get worse than one case of smoke inhalation, one possible broken wrist and one person with burnt legs, it's not as bad as it could've been, and I hope those who came off worse recover quickly. No drivers or bosses were involved.

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