Sunday, 17 June 2012

Video Sunday - The Greatest Stunt..... In The World

16/6/12, 1:56, 46942 views (when posted)

We've seen the AMC in The Man With The Golden Gun doing a barrel roll. We've - well, a couple of dozen people have - seen Fifth Gear do a loop-the-loop in a Fiat 500. But answer me this: have you ever seen a car do TWO loop-the-loops? I bet you haven't, unless you've already hit play and seen TopGear Live doing Exactly That at a show in Durban, South Africa yesterday instead of watching Le Mans. I think that's probably a good enough excuse.

The only question is, how are they going to top it? By using a Reliant Robin instead of what appears to be a Rage buggy? By doing two loop-the-loops at the same time somehow? Or backwards? Or by using loops that are literally On Fire? Who knows. We don't know. All we know is, this is the greatest TopGear stunt...... In The World. Probably.

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