Monday, 9 July 2012

Ken Block's Gymkhana_Five - San Frandrifto

9/7/12, 9:52, 305 views (when posted)

Just when you thought four and a bit videos of increasingly extravagant stunt driving was enough, his right honourable hoonigan Sir Kenneth Blocketh XLIII hath returned from the wildernesses of various WRC stages - one of which he actually scored points at - to tear up San Francisco in a totally non-gay way, although some rubber did get burnt. Well, quite a lot actually. But after that, he started shredding tyres on camera(s) and here we have it, another showcase from one of the few men to whom sustained oversteer in a 650bhp Fiesta is both average and pedestrian. Drifts, jumps, drift-jumps, narrowly avoiding things, donuts, it's all present and correct. Oh, and there's some advertising in the last minute or so of it. And a barge.

Whatever opinion you have on Ken Block these days, it's a pretty good watch, although there are a few too many repeats of the same stunt for my liking when air time occurs.

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