Wednesday, 26 September 2012

This Biker's Injury Is As Fake As A Chinese Watch

I know that diving is a common element of high-end football these days. Sometimes you see a Premiership player and think they could rival Tom Daley on the high board, others look like they're shooting for an Oscar by grabbing their unharmed shin and pulling faces. Most of the time a clear dive is detected by referees and a punishment is dealt, rather than the penalty kick they were going for, but sometimes they get away with it.

However, if you really think you can get away with diving in a motorcycle race, think again.

Here is Marlinton dos Reis Teixeira - or 'Kalunga' for short - falling off his bike at a race in Brazil (the equally long-named Rio Grande do Sul State Moto Grand Prix). When it became apparent that his bike wouldn't start, he took a leaf out of football's book...

(after the camera zooms back out, you can skip forwards to 2:54)

Needless to say, when he was found to be faking it, the race organisers - the local MotoRacing Federation - promptly banned him from the championship. That'll teach him.

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