Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bugatti Makes Veyron LE, World Carries On As Normal

2012 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Bernar Venet Edition
Just a quick post to say that Bugatti have just unveiled what is by my calculations the twenty-fifth limited-edition Veyron. Based on the Grand Sport Vitesse - the 1200PS convertible version - the Bernar Venet Edition features special paint (shocking!) by eponymous French artist Bernar Venet, featuring black, orange and some mathematical symbols, presumably because this car generates volcanic heat - nine radiators will do that - and is full of science and maths. OK, so the colour scheme is actually, no, wait, that's actually what it's about. The numbers thing, that is, not the heat, although his normal artwork, which this references, is normally made of bits of bronze welded together. It will cost more money than you will ever have and disappear from view as soon as it's sold, only to be brought up again when reeling off a list of all the Veyron Special paint jobs Editions there have been...

You can read the artist saying boring stuff (and see more pictures) by clicking here.

One of these is actually the equation to calculate the speed that the window rolls down. Not really.
"I just like to watch you work, father." Artificial Intelligence probably won't prove to have been a good idea...
For all the other Veyron LEs, just check the Wikipedia page. They're all there except this one.

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