Friday, 14 December 2012

Watching Someone Hoon A Rolls-Royce Is Oddly Satisfying

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Rolls-Royce is the epitome of luxury, opulence and excellence. To own a Phantom is to say either "I've made it" or "I was born into a stupendously rich family". It's the last surviving "land yacht", massive, smooth, massive, exceedingly comfortable, and also quite massive. It's supposed to glide from place to place in a stately and calm manner, only leaving tarmac to use an unnaturally-even gravel driveway, perhaps with a huge fountain to drive around before arriving at a set of stone steps leading to marble pillars.

However, if you had a lot of your own land, a newly-facelifted 2012 Phantom and too much time to kill, you might be tempted to loosen your tie and see if you can make the butler dance. That's what this anonymous person decided to do, anyway. While it's completely ungentlemanly - and therefore inappropriate - to do this in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, it's also oddly satisfying to watch, and must've been more so to do. You see, while this whole millionaire lifestyle thing is all very classy, it's also rather snobbish. Eventually, anyone living such a life who still possessed a soul would get bored of it all and want to have fun with it, or just be comfortable with themselves for a change. I don't mean something tasteless like go to a black-tie party in a t-shirt with a tuxedo print on it and start being an arse to people, but just that thing of dropping pretensions and getting over oneself. Whether the driver is the chauffeur, outright owner or perhaps even a sneaky valet, they've decided to take an automotive monarch and have it do something silly and out of character. Hoonage - however pleasant its background piano music is - is not classy or proper. But it is pretty fun, especially in something with a V12 and rear-wheel-drive.

At least, I hope that's what's going on here, and I'll continue thinking that. It could always just be some lottery winner who doesn't give a shit......

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