Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enzo Farmyard Hoonage Is So Wrong It's Wonderfully Right

11/2/13, 1:59, 302 views (when posted)

I've posted a video on here before about a Rolls-Royce being driven inappropriately, and how watching it was strangely satisfying, as if the glorious but pretentious Roller and its driver had finally let their metaphorical hair down. Well, imagine that sort of thing on a farm, and then replace the stately limousine with a Ferrari Enzo. Prepare your body for the most glorious 2 minutes of its life as a one-of-399 king of supercars is hooned by its bored owner While it cost upwards of £450,000 when new in 2004, a mix of desirability and increasing rarity as people find out that money doesn't equal talent means that you're probably looking at more like a million pounds of Italian superiority, being treated like a cheap '80s Volvo. Enjoy.

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