Saturday, 27 April 2013

An Anecdote Regarding Enzo Ferrari's Favourite Car Design

I've seen hundreds of pictures and seen the E-Type in person maybe a dozen times, but when I was at college a year ago (as in the bit before Uni), I had to go to the V&A museum for an exhibit about British Design. It was all interesting enough, but not particularly so. I rounded a corner and entered the second room, and there it was sitting right in front of me, an utterly immaculate metallic grey Series 1 coupé, seemingly out of the blue.

I stopped in my tracks. An involuntary grin upon my face, I made that hot breath "oooh" sound. I had to. It was utterly mesmerising. I spent what must've been 10 or 15 minutes just walking around it, drinking it all in, looking at every detail (it was Italian-registered). When I eventually urged myself to look at the other exhibits I would always try to catch another glance across the room.

Aside from my previous familiarity with E-Types, I can't help but imagine this must've been the effect it had in 1961, when nobody had seen it before. When you don't expect to see one and you're presented with such an example, you are a goner, mere putty in its hands. If a woman ever invokes this reaction, I would be too nervous to talk to marry her.

Happily, the internet has pictures of all the things. The effect is better in person!

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