Friday, 24 May 2013

Nissan Has Genuinely Launched A GT-R Gentleman Edition

You read that correctly, sir/madam...
It was announced last week that France, which is where the French live, will be receiving the Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition. Well, not everybody in France. That would be obscenely expensive. In fact, only ten people will be able to buy one, although which ten people they didn't say. They did say that it will cost whichever French gentlemen it may be the princely sum of €97,900 (approximately £83,500). That is most certainly an amount of money. But what does maketh a Gentleman Edition? Let's see:

> The car knows to hold the door(s) open for people getting in or out of it.

> It will never tell anyone whether you've had sex in it recently.

> It is based on the Black Edition, but is only available in Grey Squale with some rather spiffy new hand-stitched red leather seats and interior pieces.

> The sat nav always speaks in calm and polite tones, and will never swear.

> The sun-visor mirror has an alert system if it detects a tie or hair out of line.

> Along with premium interior trim, you also get a luggage set comprising a sunglasses case and leather bag.

> It only emits CO2 when there's nobody around.

> The glove compartment actually contains gloves. White ones.

> The TFT screen only divulges enough information to make it seem mysterious and attractive to women.

> A numbered plaque made of titanium is fitted below the CD slot, and there is a small edition badge under the wing-mounted GT-R logos (see top picture).

> The exhaust note has been tuned to have a distinguished English accent.

Sounds like it's worth the small extra sum to me, even if the 542bhp at 6400rpm, 460lb/ft at 3200rpm, 0-62mph time of 2.7 seconds (!), 196mph claimed top speed and 1730kg kerbweight are exactly the same as the standard 2013 GT-R.

Although, I may have had to make some of those features up to justify it......

Some polite pictures for you, sir/madam:
One of the main complaints about the GT-R is the interior. This is their second addressing of that with an LE.
Well, it wouldn't be a posh version if it didn't have a poncey label...
Why make a two-figure Limited Edition and then give it a three-figure plaque number?
There is even a small purse for the lady to keep her makeup and dish-washing gloves in.
Can you work out from the pictures which featured are real? I trust you can. Because I'm gentlemanly like that.

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