Friday, 7 June 2013

Formula 1 2013 - Don't Worry, I Haven't Forgotten

The start-finish line of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, sponsored by some foreign airline.
So we've had six races now of the 2013 Formula 1 season, making us about a quarter of the way through the last season of V8-powered screamers. As we head into race seven at Canada, it's high time I posted race reports like I did last year, as I'm determined to keep F1 coverage up. University has been the dominating factor up to this point, but a week ago I did my last exam of my first year and was free to go home the following day. That meant I could move out of the house I was staying in, my feelings about which can be summarised by this little snippet from Friends (and no, I'm not Ross at the start):

So yes. But this year, I'm doing it a little differently. Rather than give you a long-winded report, I'll post a summary followed by a lap-by-lap (or occasionally highlight-by-highlight) account of each race, so you can choose your level of detail! This will hopefully save me some time later in the year when I go back for a second round of Uni, because I'll just be watching the race back, typing what happens and then bringing it all into a paragraph or two.

These will appear over the next week, including Canada. Enjoy the race on Sunday! It could be slippery...

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