Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pagani Forgets That It Stopped Making The Zonda, Makes New Zonda

"Where is the Zonda? Did it go missing? Maybe we should just make another one."
Do you miss the Pagani Zonda? Well, don't feel alone, because it appears Pagani misses the Pagani Zonda as well. Either that or they've forgotten about their ultimate final version of it, the 760RS. For those of you that missed it, the 760RS (the final Zonda) was a version of the Zonda R (the final Zonda) that you could use on the road. This followed the five-off Zonda Cinque Roadster, which was the final Zonda. All these have lead up to this, the Zonda Revolucion, which is, would you believe it, the final iteration of the Zonda. Maybe...

The name might seem confusing when you find out that this is more Evolucion than Revolucion, but really the R is separate. They've just put 'R' and 'evolucion' together to try and avoid revealing that this is just an evolution of the track-only ear-destroying Zonda R would-be racer, or perhaps because they use the same faulty keyboards as the people designing the Ferrari F12berlinetta. The unsilenced 6.0 race-spec AMG V12 has been fiddled with to produce 800PS (789bhp), a jump of around 50bhp, while also producing 539lb/ft of torque. In a car weighing 1070kg, that should be plenty! The 2009 Zonda R went from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds (thanks in no small part to having slick tyres) and past 220mph, so expect this version to be slightly faster.

But there's more! The aero package has been uprated and updated with a vertical stabiliser down its spine and more winglets from nose to tail than you can shake a McLaren MP4-23 at, as well as a new DR System. Activated either by a button or automatically (probably dependent on some drive mode), the system on the rear wing increases straight-line speed by shedding off downforce until you brake. It's unclear whether it uses the wide-but-skinny main rear wing or the new smaller one that's closer to the bodywork. To make sure the higher top end doesn't torture the already-massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, those have been evolved as well. The lifespan has been increased fourfold, while durability and fade resistance are also better and the four stoppers weigh 15% less than before. Oddly, the '09 Zonda R weighed exactly the same, so I guess DRS adds the difference back on. It could also be the added or improved computers, as the ABS had also been updated and the Revolucion has a new traction control system with twelve settings. Does it really need that many?

Just like the R, Cinque and Cinque Roadster, Pagani will only make five Revolucions, and because we're in an economic downturn and nobody's got any money left, they're selling each of them for €2,200,000 (plus taxes) and will sell them with ease to customers who almost definitely already have a Zonda or two in their collection. Said people will need their own race track, as this final final final version is not road legal, not eligible for any racing series and probably not able to meet the noise curfew of any publicly available circuit anywhere except in the desert, where there aren't any and the lack of air conditioning or the fixed windows would be a problem. But hey, it's a faster and crazier Zonda R! It still has four white snakes coming out of the rear end! It now has more power than any Pagani ever produced and 97% of cars on sale!

It is the ultimate expression of the Zonda, essentially a functioning concept car that you (well, not you, but someone) can buy. That makes it pretty damn awesome.

Pagani go to painstaking lengths to make the weave of "carbotanium" match up from panel to panel, with a 'V' shape down the middle
Of course, there's also a stripe down the middle. Previously it was the Pagani oval in Italian flag colours along the top
As you would expect, the details on this thing are stunning. Also, it appears the lower wing is the one with a DRS.
"Oh hey, I found it! Don't worry guys, no need to make another one after all." - Horacio Pagani
(images from Pagani, via Autocar)

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