Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fernando Alonso Looking At Things (Photoshop Game)

I know I've had fun with Fernando Alonso's tweeted images before, and shared with you the subsequent results, but one of my internet-friends had another smart idea with another of the double F1 World Champion's Hipstergram photos, so I wanted to play too. Here are our results, a couple more from my post on Jalopnik, and a blank-canvas template so that you too can play:


Here are mine, 'cause this is my blog and I'm the boss:

Alonso looking at Alonso looking at Alonso looking at Alonso looking at Alonso looking at Alonso looking at......

Remembering earlier memes of Alonception...
This one utilises another image he tweeted today
More after the jump!

Perhaps this one's a bit mean, but some will like it ;-)
There's another little inside joke squeezed in here, but trust me, someone gets it!
Erm... he's checking out a fellow athlete's fitness? (slightly childish, I admit)
By request from @McNewbie1, also using an image from today
And now some others from around the internet!

F1 meme, meet F1 meme ('shawp by Jakebonz)
"Let's see, was that Grosjean's fault?" ('shawp by Jakebonz)

"What must I do to never see that bloody finger again?" ('shawp by FreddsterExprs)

Yo dawg, I heard u liek pondering... ('shawp by Zerobandwidth)
"Hmm, perhaps if we had not reversed the tyres..." ('shawp by SpikeJnz)
Well, someone had to go there! ('shawp by Jakebonz)
But what does it mean? ('shawp by Frogberg)
I think we've reached a logical conclusion at this point. ('shawp by Teampenske3)
And now, here's a .PNG template with a transparent canvas, so you too can have fun making a highly regarded athlete look at things!

Enjoy! We finish with Mr. Alonso's possible reaction to all this:

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