Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fake Exhaust Tips Don't Get Faker Than This

Look at those fake exhausts. LOOK AT THEM.
Seeing as I'm angrily ranting today, someone on Kinjaloppo posted about how he's sick of fake exhaust tips, which make a car's exhaust pipe look bigger than it is to make it seem sportier to people who aren't paying attention. I read this and I was reminded that, by far and away, the worst offender for this that I've ever seen is this particular version of the previous-gen Renault Clio, which I saw one of in Swansea last year (it took me about 10 minutes to pin it down and find an image of it online, having forgotten the LE name and never taken a picture of it myself...).

There are two main issues here. One is that they are so blatantly not metal it makes my mind full of fuck that anyone would think they were. Seriously, that shit belongs on a child's toy, not a real car. But the worst bit? Easily the fact that, if you look closely, there aren't even any holes in it. The actual exhaust pipe is somewhere behind the bumper!






SRSLY, help me out here. If they're not supposed to be exhaust pipes, what in Stig's name ARE they supposed to be? This isn't even half-arsed. It's quarter-arsed. Nay, it's one slice of raw bacon. That's how not-full-arsed it is. I'm astounded. I'd rather eat horse pubes than be seen with this fuckery on my car. If I get hired to design cars and they ask me to do something like this, I'm flipping my desk in front of them, even if it means taking my desk to the boss's office with everything on it...

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