Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Modified Saleen S7 Has ALL THE HORSEPOWERS

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A wee while ago, I pondered over the possibility of a 300mph road car. Such a car would need to be low, aerodynamic and have at least 1600 horsepower, I reckon, and on a personal note I'd add all-wheel-drive so that you could actually control the thing and possibly grab some acceleration records on your way up to the mystical triple-tonne. Well then, perhaps this guy's modified Saleen S7 (y'know, that car from Bruce Almighty) might have the beginnings of the ideal recipe, because you see, it has a rather large engine. And by large, I mean a V8 enlarged to 10.2 litres. 10,200cc!! You'd have to look at bonkers pre-war racing cars to find that kind of displacement elsewhere. But for good measure, it's also got two turbochargers running at 25psi. In case you were wondering, that's a large amount of psi. The result is, well, you can see in the video above.

And in the screenshot below:

Yup, that says that at 7100rpm, this behemoth of a V8 was producing 2281.8bhp and 1737.4lb/ft of torque... at the wheels. What's more, it's supposedly running on "pump gas", which is an American way of saying regular, commercially available petrol (probably super unleaded rather than the cheap stuff). This is worth pointing out because many cars with power of this magnitude run on something a but fruitier than what you get at Shell or Total. The question is, can this engine sustain that kind of power for more than five minutes without exploding? If so, how fast would this car go in a long straight line?! Potentially - with the right gearing - really very fast indeed.

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