Monday, 13 January 2014

Just So You Know, There's Another New Porsche 911

Aside from weighing 110kg more than the Carrera 4S coupé and 40kg more than the C4S Cabriolet, the new Porsche 911 Targa 4S is awesome. Why? Because of that roof that gives it its name. It's a return to the 1967 style of Targa roof - formerly absent since the 993-generation 911 of the mid-'90s, when a giant glass sunroof was employed instead - featuring a large fixed rear window and a removable central panel, but with a Transformers twist. You can see that twist in the above video. However, if YouTube's blocked at work, the central panel actually removes itself, in a piece of mechanical performance art. First, the entire rear window and some of the engine cover lift up and open rearwards. Then, two sections of the silver roll bar get out of the way of the spindly robot arms that hold the black fabric roof section in place. Said arms then carry the roof backwards and under the rear windscreen, which closes again. It looks cool.

Oh, there is also a non-S with the 350bhp 3.4L flat-six engine (as opposed to the S's 400bhp 3.8L lump). Both versions will cost £Some Money. All the specs are essentially the same as the equivalent Cabriolet aside from the added weight, but come on, this is way cooler than a normal folding roof!

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