Sunday, 9 February 2014

Allan McNish Imparts Some Mad Knowledge On F1 2014

In case my F1 2014 previews for both the cars and the drivers didn't cover everything - and it turns out it didn't, because hey, KERS is automatic now! - then you need to watch this /DRIVE channel video where (IMO slightly annoying) motorsport nerd and former driver Leo Parente gives his buddy, newly-appointed BBC F1 authority and multiple Le Mans winner Allan McNish the space to explain the tech, make observations on the rather underwhelming Jerez tests (it's "herr-eth", Leo...) and use his experience with hybrid LMP cars to explain the differences that drivers will feel with these new hybrid V6 Turbo cars and their significantly bigger torque outputs. It's all very interesting and well worth a listen.

Speaking of bigger torque outputs, it turns out that the new engines (not including the combined Energy Recovery Systems' boost) are punching out close to 700 horsepower, as opposed to the ~600bhp that was predicted before this season. Add in the 150-160bhp of the two ER systems and we've got F1 cars with around 850 horsepower! That's at least as much as the V8s, which were making about 750bhp plus the 80bhp of the smaller single-element KERS. Reduced downforce means they won't be as fast in the corners though...... yet.

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