Saturday, 1 February 2014

By The Way, Marussia F1 Still Exists

2014 Marussia MR03
Just so you know, the Marussia F1 team is still alive. They turned up for day four of the largely-uneventful Jerez test after their lorry got stuck in traffic or otherwise delayed, and took up their usual spot in the bottom two on the lap times board (which on day four saw Felipe Massa dice with Fernando Alonso for the top spot and ultimately beat him).

Their new car - powered by Ferrari for the first time, as Cosworth has pulled out of F1 - will be driven by the same people as last year, namely Max Chilton (number 4) and Jules Bianchi (number 17), the latter being part of Ferrari's young driver programme which explains the Italian power unit now used by the Banbury-based team. It joins the Anteater Club founded by Williams.

That is all.

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