Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inside Koenigsegg Is Back, To Show You A 'Megacar'

The motoring industry's favourite Bond Villain is back! The YouTube channel /DRIVE has once again persuaded Christian Von Koenigsegg to open the doors to his wonderful car company, as they prepare their most extreme car yet, the One:1. While it may look like just an updated Agera R, it is in fact a comprehensive mechanical makeover promising some serious figures. 1360PS and 1360kg give it its name, as he explains, while the Swedish company has claimed that this "Megacar" can go from 0-250mph in just 20 seconds. Twenty seconds! My car takes 14 seconds to hit 60mph! What's more, because Koenigsegg employ a Porsche-like philosophy of constantly evolving and improving a single design, the One:1 will be more refined and resolved than the similarly-fast Hennessey Venom, and unlike the Venom will actually be an official OEM production car (rather than a tuned Lotus). Active aerodynamics play a bigger role in this car than the Agera R, in order to harness its megawatt of power. This could just be the hypercar to slay them all... and we get to know every dirty little detail, piece by piece, over the next few Tuesday evenings. This'll be good!

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