Saturday, 24 May 2014

Toyota's "Love Driving" Ad Has The Wrong Car In It

Of course, all irritating things have hashtags now, too...

This fucking advert. I see this advert fairly regularly when watching Sky F1 (which is now actually rather watchable as a channel) on my laptop. I really don't want to be a grumpy old man shouting at the telly, as it were, but damn this irritates me.

It's the same problem I have with the MINI Superleggera Vision. It's perfectly acceptable... right up until the brand is applied.

This advert - which advises you not to have a loveless existence and to fall in love with driving again - would work reasonably well if the car they were advertising wasn't so utterly boring, uninspiring and frequently rated as being a very average driving experience. Besides, anyone with a brain stem knows that "six million people" bought a Toyota Hybrid because of:

1) Eco Cred
2) Money saved on fuel

There is no other reason unless you live right near a Toyota dealer and are easily persuaded. They are not exciting cars, and they will not make you fall in love with driving again. Or ever. A GT86 could, maybe, but then they've already tried advertising that car as something to make you love driving and it was banned on a whim, in a blaze of irony...

Toyota shouldn't just flat-out bullshit everyone like this, because anyone who cares won't be fooled by it. An Auris, hybrid or otherwise, should be sold on the strength of quality and reliability and trustworthiness, because that's what it's really engineered for and that's what Auris customers are more interested in. Just because that's not an exciting point, doesn't mean you should pretend it's like owning a soul-stirring sports car...

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