Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Normally I wait until Christmas Day, but this year I'll be all-encompassing and post a little message between the various religious holidays.

This time of year was cause for celebration long before religions and commercialism characterised it in their own ways around the world*. Even thousands of years ago, after the longest night, humans gathered together and celebrated life and love while they still had it, before the harsh conditions of winter took its toll on the weaker population. Thanks to central heating and online groceries, nowadays this is not such an issue for most, but life nonetheless remains precious and temporary. People change year on year and sometimes even disappear. Cherish this time when they're still here.

As you gather this winter, regardless of which religious holiday you celebrate (or exploit for time off), enjoy the company of your loved ones and have a warm, happy winter celebration.

I promise I'll still be alive next year to give you more aimless ramblings about cars. You lucky thing...

*Source:, of all places

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