Wednesday, 29 April 2015

If Cars Are Art, Goodwood is The Tate

This is as good a way as any to get me to my self-imposed four posts per month minimum. Why? Because Neil Carey (with help from that Harris bloke) has put together something which can only be described as art.

You ought to know already that the Goodwood Festival of Speed is the greatest celebration of motorsport and petrol-headedness on Earth, but another jolly good show they've put on for a while is the Goodwood Revival, where classic racing cars worth more money than every reader of this post will ever make in their lifetimes put together (probably) are raced as if they're cheap track cars, i.e. Properly. However, for those not into the '60s or anything older than that, there is now also the Goodwood Members Meeting, which has been captured in these videos. This celebrates later, slightly more down-to-Earth stuff. And '70s F1 cars. And Group C cars. And 911s. What more could you want? Classic BTCC cars? Oh, go on then.

If you don't like slow-motion powerslides in historically significant racing cars, you're shit out of luck. If you love watching onboard footage of powerslides in historically significant racing cars, click ALL THE PLAYS. It's as simple as that! Is it possible for Lord March to give any more joy to petrolheads? I'd like to find out the answer to that...

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