Saturday, 28 November 2015

RECOIL III - Jumping Truck Does Jumps, Is Truck

Hey everyone, remember those Recoil videos? Y'know, the ones with Ballistic BlowJob Baldwin doing MAD JUMPS off SICK RAMPS in his off-road racing Trophy Truck in viral fashion that totally didn't lift the format from Ken Block's videos? Well, now there is a third one! It has a sasquatch in it, because sasquatches are always funny and outdoorsy.

The semi-plot of this one is that "Bruce" pinches a little buggy and BJ Baldwin must go after it in his significantly faster and louder yet equally tubular-framed V8 monster with suspension travel to spare. It doesn't take long for him to get distracted by the fact that he's driving something which can do huge jumps off huge things and not disintegrate upon reacquainting with that pesky ground everyone insists on using. Being rear-wheel-drive, it's also pretty handy at drifts and donuts, so why not take a sideways look at the world while hunting for Bigfoot's buggy? I won't spoil the hilarious ending, but suffice to say that Bruce The Sasquatch doesn't give two trucks!! Ha ha! A pun! Awesomesauce, as they say.

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