Saturday, 30 April 2016

Watch Highlights of the WEC Silverstone 6 Hours

You've all heard of Formula 1. Hopefully most of you have heard of Le Mans... but did you know that they do shorter versions of Le Mans during the year too? This is the World Endurance Championship, and while the 24 Heures du Mans is round three of the series, the other eight races are run for a more reasonable 6 hours. I won't make you watch the whole thing, but here is the series's official 52-minute highlights programme, available for free on the intertubes! You'd never get that from F1's YouTube channel... and you're unlikely to see three manufacturers fielding cutting-edge land-based spaceships that race absolutely flat out for three times longer than a grand prix, either. If you want to figure out who to support or bet on for Le Mans, you could do worse than to start here, with the opening round.

Round two is at Spa, and it's next week. Once again it'll be Porsche v Audi v Toyota with no obvious favourite to win, followed by three other hotly contested classes of varied racing cars from purpose-built prototypes to production-based GTE cars. Enjoy!

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