Thursday, 30 June 2016

Proper Content On The Way

It rained this year, because this year is terrible in general
OK, so this blog's been a little bit light on substantial content recently. While I've mostly managed to make my personal target of four posts per month, it's certainly not the aim to write four posts in the last 90 minutes of a month. I do have stories to tell and pictures to show (although one set of videos still needs to be recovered after I made a mistake in fatigued state of mind), but personal problems and one or two other things have held me back. I'm aiming for this to stop being the case soon. I'll spare you a furious/terrified rant about Brexit because you'll have read every point I'd make somewhere else, but there's Goodwood, a special Gran Turismo preview and one or two other things I'd like to present as long-form features. While I dare not make promises, I'm hoping July will be the month I get my shit together. We will see...

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