Thursday, 3 November 2011


Stats Page. I can also see what browsers you're all using. What the hell is "Jasmine"???
This is just a little post to myself for having reached 10,000 views. It's quite lame that I feel the need to commemorate this, but never mind. I thought I'd put up something that those of you who don't blog may not have seen before, which is the Stats page. Here I can see what you're clicking on, why, how often, what with and from where, which is nice. The slightly depressing thing is that the majority of hits are from Google Images, but I guess that's fair enough for a small-time blog like this one. It's not like SBV8's being republished all over the internet.

For a while though, it wasn't images that earned the most-read article its top spot. For a while the one article that was republished elsewhere had the top spot, which was this one about Jeremy Clarkson's supercar apocalypse prediction being unfounded, as in a small way, the motoring world will always need supercars, as they're not as irrelevant as everyone thinks. After I started including more images though, I did a comparison between the Red Bull X1 (or X2010 as it latterly became known) and a normal Formula car, using original images taken on GT5, just to pass the time between F1 Grands Prix, and that post alone now has over 1000 views, thanks mostly to those virtual photographs.

As for the other sources, aside from shameless self-plugs on Jalopnik (mostly in the #oppositelock off-topic forum), there are a couple of obscure websites with forums that only members can see, such as (a torrenting site), and more recently, which is just selling some kind of software and doesn't even have a link to any member-only content or anything, so I'm not really sure what's going on there. These sites bug me a little though, because if someone's finding my writing worthy of sharing, it would be nice to read what they and others think about it. Unfortunately I don't even know which post they're linking to, as one thing the Stats page doesn't tell you is who's clicking on what, but ho hum...

Personally, I like the Nissan GT-R article. Yes, that was a very good day anyway, but I think it reads well, like a story. I also like the supercar one above, and Video Sunday is fun to find videos for (the next one might be another McLaren F1 vid, I haven't decided yet, but there's an 11-minute vid of someone in an F1 GTR at a trackday, and it's aural sex). The Mini rant was fun to write too, and there might be another one coming up now there's a 2-seat Roadster version. I'm thinking I might redo one post though, having now driven an electric car, and I'll have to find a way to make the Abu Dhabi GP interesting, because it won't be. Hermann Tilke just did a squiggly line and then thought about facilities. I will say that if they had DRS at that race in 2010, Sebastian would certainly not be a double World Champion now, as Fernando Alonso would've cleared Vitaly Petrov with consummate ease and won it on points...

Anyway, there it is: Small Blog V8. One day soon I might be learning web design at college, so it'll look better then, but for the time being, feel free to click on the articles I've linked to here, and tell your friends! I want more non-image results...

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