Supercar Saturday!!

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Jalopnik and I do not claim ownership of them

This second edition of Supercar Saturday is very special. Why? Because these leaked images show the all-new Lamborghini V12.

Details are scarce, but what is known is that it is called the Aventador LP700-4. I don't know what "Aventador" means - it sounds like something Toyota would call an Avensis coupé - but the 'LP' means it had a longitudinally mounted engine (Longitudinale) in the rear (Posteriore). The '700' refers to the 700-horsepower fury beneath that volcanic exterior, and the '-4' means that, like its predecessor, it has 4-Wheel-Drive.

The bad news is the lack of a manual gearbox (or at least any mention of it), as it has an advanced single-clutch paddleshift 'box that promises to be superlight, super quick (shifts take 50 milliseconds) and super smooth. Other weight saving features such as the carbon fibre tub and, well, carbon fibre everything-else, help to apparently cut weight down to 1575kg from the Murciélago's 1650kg. The angular body is also very rigid - 70% stiffer than the Murcie, no less - being able to withstand 35,000 Newton Metres of force, plenty enough for hard and fast cornering.

Power comes from the aforementioned V12, which is actually Lamborghini's first all-new 12-cylinder engine since the Miura, way back in the 1960s, as that engine had merely been enlarged and modernised over the past 45 years. This new unit, however, produces 690bhp and 509lb/ft, which should be ample grunt in a sub-3500lb car. Thankfully, it keeps the trademark scissor-blade doors, which, frankly, it wouldn't be a proper Big Lambo without. The Aventador also has horizontal pushrod suspension (see above picture, in-between the wheels), which just screams racing car. It also means the car can have a low nose without looking bulgy.

This is definitely a new era for Lamborghini, with a focus on advancing carbon fibre/composite technology to make their cars as light as possible, as well as leaving that traditional V12 behind. The design borrows heavily from both the Reventón, with its jet-fighter design philosophy, and the recent 999kg Sesto Elemento carbon composite concept, which evolved the aesthetic further with sharp creases and odd-angled geometric shapes that have proven to be quite divisive. Despite appearances, this is playing it pretty safe for Lamborghini in the styling department, not being all that different in shape to the outgoing Murciélago and perhaps not being as daring as the new Pagani Huayra. I'm sure it will be equally jaw-dropping in real life, though.

Basic Specs (According to sources)

Layout: Mid-engined, All-Wheel-Drive

0-60: 2.9 seconds

Top Speed: 217mph (350km/h)

Engine: 6.5 litre V12

Power/Torque/CO2: 700PS (690bhp) / 509lb/ft (690NM) / 398g/km

Weight: 1575kg

Price: Unknown at this time, but if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Sources: WorldCarFans and Jalopnik