Video - Porsche 991 GT3: Ich Liebe Rennsport!

23/4/13, 0:53, 57433 views (when posted)

So the Porsche 911 Turbo is out, in case you hadn't noticed. In fact, if you hadn't noticed, then scroll down! It's their tech-fest 911, as is usual, but unusually, the pure and stripped GT3 has gained some big bits of technology as well, and in the process has lost the clutch pedal. Moan. But still, with a race-tuned PDK that lets you engage neutral by hitting both paddles at once - thus initiating a drift if you do it into a corner - it's not all bad. Especially when the new 3.8-litre naturally aspirated DFI engine revs to 9000rpm, which is unprecedented in a 911 road car. It's like a German 458! Press play with the sound up.

And if the wailing flat-six is still being drowned out by your inner car fan moaning about change, let "Mr. GT3", Andreas Preuninger reassure you that it's all for the better. He would know, having developed every 911 GT3.

4/3/13, 18:09, 301975 views (when posted)

Still not convinced? Then your only two options are to drive one or revel in the fact that 997 GT3s will be cheaper very soon. But as the outgoing car is being regarded as the end of an era, chances are they won't be for long...