Lotus E22: The Female F1 Car

2014 Lotus E22
Lotus may have lost their team principal to McLaren (Gerard Lopez will be promoted from within), but they're not losing the Strangest Nose Contest to them as well. This is the first and so far only image of the E22, and it has something similar to the walrus nose previously seen on the Williams FW26 a decade ago. As you may have noticed, one... prong? is longer than the other. At first I thought this was a perspective error in the render, but from the top down (see below) it's clear that this is an asymmetrical car. Apparently the longer one is technically classed as the nose, whereas the shorter one is there to balance things out a bit. The result is that they have the sizable gap in the middle where all the air can go into and under the nose for air-channeling reasons. The result looks similar to the short-lived Audi R15 TDI.

I Imagine a head-on impact with a McLaren MP4-29 or Williams FW36 would look a bit... suggestive. Plus, given that their drivers this year are Romain Grosjean ("First Lap Nutcase" according to Mark Webber) and Pastor Maldonado ("Every-Lap Nutcase" according to most people), it's a distinct possibility...

In fact, why imagine? Here you go!